About Us

Badr Aljaafari Law Office is a law firm located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

At Badr Aljaafari Law Office, our goal is to provide our clients with the utmost dedication and determination that will set us apart from other similar law firms in the region. We have the diversity through local and international experience that allows us to service a wide array of clients. As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves in providing high quality service to all of our clients and building long-term relationships in order for us to meet all of our clients’ needs and expectations. 

Our firm specializes in private wealth legal consultation, property disputes, debt management, foreign investment, corporate law, Islamic finance as well as oil and gas law PRACTICE AREA 

At Badr Aljaafari Law Office, we stay up to date in the legal and market changes and needs. That is why we know the importance of providing dispute resolution services. Our firm has handled several litigation cases at various courts and has handled multiple cases acting as lead arbitrator. 

No matter what the legal practice, at Badr Aljaafari Law Office we are dedicated to provide top quality legal representation using the best practice tools in bringing back the results that our clients want.